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Unfortunately as we continue to embrace technology along with our growing need for stronger security, we are finding ourselves at the mercy of privacy invasion....[tags: Privacy vs Security] - Ever since day one, people have been developing and creating all sorts of new methods and machines to help better everyday life in one way or another.According to the pew research data 56% of Americans say that it is acceptable for the NSA to run through millions of Americans phone records in order to prevent terrorism.

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About 68% of internet users' in America believe that the current laws that are in place are not good enough in protecting people's online privacy, according to a report on Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online....

[tags: Privacy Identity Management] - Most Americans feel trapped by the government.

They believe that the government is spying on them just to do so and that there is absolutely no reason for it.

Organisation's collecting personal information have had little impetus to consider the best privacy protection solutions and people have not done anything drastic to initiate such action (Loss of privacy is price one pays to live in online world, 2011)....

[tags: Personal Information, Privacy Law] - It is not easy to define privacy because the word's meaning may differ from one person to another.