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There are a lot of strange men out there, but I’ve met a couple of great guys.Also most people lived miles away from me and I can't see the point in a distance relationship of any kind.The greater proportion noted that they had made insufficient effort to be successful. I have joined dating websites but keep my profile hidden.I don't have the courage to contact men via the Internet.About meeting: “women are happy to email, but when it comes to meeting, suddenly decline”.

Some expected Christians to be more courteous in this regard than non-Christians. They say men look for child-bearing women who are younger and so only older men of no interests in that approach them.

There were disproportionately more generalised comments made about men by women than made by men about women.

General approbation included adjectives about men such as 'timid', 'needy', 'boring and a bit pathetic', 'poor calibre' and 'weird guys and losers'.

They focused around three areas: About the women on the dating site: “lots of time-wasting – fussy women” and “lots of strange women”.

About the lack of response from women: “difficult to get responses from women” and “the ones I like never message or reply back”.