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We want women on the app to feel like they have the ability to take control, when maybe if in real life they wouldn’t or haven’t ever been able to.

For me personally it was a really empowering and exciting idea right out of the gate.

Talk about some of the features that you put into the app that are special from a design perspective.

WW: The whole concept for the product kind of came together in about five seconds.

We had so much fun de-signing around all of the puns , emojis, etc, and we knew we wanted this to be a really young, millennial, zeitgeist-y thing. SM: Trends that I like right now are generally really clean.

We don’t take ourselves to seriously and the design and branding reflect that. I like to think about design in more of its original, simplest form.

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SM: I started out going to school for print design—I wanted to work for a magazine doing layout.A big part of the reason so many women love our product is because of that.SM: There has to be some kind of sense there that this is not something coming from men sitting in an office guessing at what women want.And then the next thought was, well, what if she never does? I think one of the reasons why Bumble is so exciting and checks so many of the boxes on my list of what makes a good app is because we had a great team of people who are open-minded and willing to concede here or stand up there, and we just worked together and worked well.WW: And the brand—in my opinion the brand is everything.