Dating a legally blind man bloemfontein online dating

But it was tailor-made for this member of Chicago's Gift Theatre Ensemble in Jefferson Park.

He's a veteran actor who living with ocular albinism, a rare condition affecting his retinas. All kidding aside, jay works around obstacles as he paves his own way in the theatrical world."Whenever I get the opportunity to address my disability, visual disability in the art that I do, that's always something that is very special to me," he says.

The suit was filed under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

De Phillips uses a screen reader to access websites, but when using found various barriers that he said made it difficult to create a profile or search for dates.

It's directed at all of us in order to both educate and inspire.

As someone put it, "to open our eyes" to the world of the visually disabled.

The lack of an accessible website means that blind people are excluded”.

A spokesperson said the company was looking into the matter.

A legally blind man named Joseph De Phillips from Arlington, Virginia, has filed a suit against the Match Group-owned dating site.

Since we met right before my marathon, we spent most of the night talking about running and most likely boring Tom. In fact, it went in the saucer and mostly on the table.

At the time I thought maybe he'd never poured tea, but didn’t think too much of it.

A new national public service announcement will begin airing soon.

It features a character name James, played by Chicago actor Jay Worthington who is also legally blind.