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Foreign women eat better, exercise more, and have sexier, slimmer figures than women from countries like the United States.If you don't believe me just check out our Foreign Girl Galley and prepare to be blown away!You just have to be a nice guy that's willing to treat a lady the way she deserves to be treated. In the USA you can get sued for sexual harassment for just complimenting a female co-worker on her new haircut.Feminism and political correctness have taken all the fun out of Western dating.

The love of Russia should not stand in the way of the joy of family life abroad, they conclude.“I’ve moved with my daughter and my Russian spouse to Germany when I was 37 years old”, tells us Arina, a Russian, who wants her real name kept secret.Foreign ladies that are looking to date outside of their own countries are looking to date a man that's stable and is going to treat them with respect. Going on dates with someone you don't know very well can be really awkward, and appearances can play a big role in how things go.You don't have to be super-rich or a young model-type to date a sexy younger foreign woman. Many women won't give a guy a chance based entirely on looks or money in the West.You'll get to learn the customs, hear the language, and really immerse yourself in foreign cultures when you date a foreign woman.Just stroll down the street of any wealthy country like America, and what do you see? Sure, there are attractive women in America, but one of the biggest health issues facing the wealthier nations in the world is obesity.