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A teenaged militia man with some obscure Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian grievance walked into the camp with an AK-47 and shot up all of the cooks pots and pans as a warning that no one of that starving boys ethinicty was to be fed or aided and everyone was under orders not to do anything about it. At another location in the former Yugoslavia the Canadian Pioneer Infantry were sent to secure a bridge over a high river gorge that separated a community.People on one side were being prevented from crossing to get food and essentials.Braving Turkish land mines the Greek farmer drove his tractor into his field and Turkish troops opened fire on him.He fled for sanctuary behind the UN troops who had to chase him away because they got orders to stand down and not return fire on the Turks. In Kosovo a Canadian army cook passed a sandwich out through the wire to a starving kid.I suspect a personality issue here…not with the those serving!Liebranos fear the military, for our soldiers drawn from the general population, are more likely to stand between the people and dictatorship aspirations of the Lieberals and Trudope. Besides, the Muslim Convert needs the money more for his personal expenditures, Yes?If anonymous would speak to vets from the other side, I mean former enemies, he would find out how much these former enemies respect the Canadian soldiers nad military in general.

These are the people willing to take a bullet for you and offering a tax break so that the time away from hearth and home is a bit more lucrative should not be too much to ask.

This was a problem they knew about and in his answer, Minister Sajjan mentioned the finance minister and the treasury board - so three departments, three ministers were aware of what they knew to be a politically sensitive file and instead of fixing it, they made it worse.

I have no doubt of Minister Sajjan’s commitment to the troops and to our military, but I do question the commitment of the government he is serving in to the military.

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