How to broadcast sex

A flustered TV news reporter was interrupted during his broadcast from the Rio 2016 Olympics by a couple appearing to have sex on the beach in the background.

BBC journalist Dan Walker, who was giving a report on the Olympics Thursday night in Brazil, was so embarrassed that he initially tried to ignore the randy, sandy shenanigans.

Delivering a run-down of all the latest sporting action from a beach in Rio, viewers were somewhat distracted by the antics of a couple behind him. they're reading a book, apparently they are reading a book. "It's merely a book, we'll find out what the book is maybe a little bit later on.

The 39-year-old was forced to turn around and see for himself what the amorous pair were doing, stifling a smirk as he tried to reassure those watching at home that there was nothing naughty going on. And twitter users were quick to wade in with their own jokes, with one writing: "Absolutely brilliant.

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