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This doesn’t necessarily tell us how many people are gay in these areas, but it’s a revealing data point.I look at the data a whole bunch of ways and conclude about 5 percent of men are predominantly attracted to men.I think watching a porn video is a lot more telling than answering a survey question.I agree you should be cautious in how you interpret it, though.About 98 percent of women’s husbands are really straight. Hundreds of thousands of young men are predominantly attracted to elderly women. People attracted to animals or family members or the elderly.But very few young men are in relationships with elderly women. But, now from seeing porn data, I realize those preferences also exist among wealthy, educated people.But the data from dating sites tells us that just about all men try to date skinny women.Many people don’t try to date the people they’re most attracted to.

I recall something in the book about the sexual preferences we hide largely for cultural reasons or for fear of being judged. If you define being in the closet as picking partners based on what society wants rather than what you want, many people are in the closet.Let’s talk about what married people are up to online.The number one question that women have about their husbands is whether he is gay.Can you really draw concrete conclusions from this sort of data?People search for things for all kinds of reasons, right?