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He is later given a job by Robbie Jackson (Dean Gaffney) on the market sweeping the roads.

Morris's casting in East Enders was revealed on Twitter by D&B Performing Arts, while a show insider told Digital Spy that "we'll be seeing more of Keegan in storylines with Shakil, Louise and Bex, as he continues to cement his reputation as a troublemaker." Duncan Lindsay from Metro said that through the young characters, East Enders "is nailing the representation of the various young characters you find in school environments" and that Keegan is a complete bully.

As Louise staggers outside, she collapses after bringing up blood, panicking Keegan and the others.

After Travis humiliates Keegan in front of his schoolmates, Keegan tells Louise that they had sex at the party, but Louise says he is lying, but worries after Madison and Alexandra tell her that Keegan is telling people about Louise's birthmark.

Kandice Taylor (Hannah Spearritt) will make her first appearance later in the year.

Keegan Baker, played by Zack Morris, is a friend of Shakil Kazemi (Shaheen Jafargholi) who also goes to school with Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper), Bex Fowler (Jasmine Armfield), Travis Law-Hughes (Alex James-Phelps), Alexandra D'Costa (Sydney Craven) and Madison Drake (Seraphina Beh).

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Keegan angrily declares that he will inform the police and that Denise will be jailed for assault.He first appears in the episode broadcast on 9 January 2017.Keegan is first seen playing a ball game with Shakil, and he causes the ball to land on Louise's mobile phone, smashing it and causing her to call him a "toenail" in anger.Keegan punches Callum (Shaun Aylward) when he realises he is the father, but Callum joins the family for the memorial and Bernadette reveals they were going to name their daughter Belle.After Keegan's initial hostility, he admits to Karen that he blames himself for Bernadette's miscarriage as he was not there for her.