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At this point it is feared to worsen in the brain, where it changes the structure and signals of brain cells and kills them off.This may be the way in which it leads to Alzheimer's disease in later life.A Face To Face singles event will be held at the elegant Soiree Wine and Martini Lounge.Meet local singles at this upscale lounge while enjoying great drink specials and conversation.People with no signs of inflammation in middle age were able to remember 5.5 words on average.

Relations with the restoration company had their highs and lows, and came to an end early in 2011 prior to the completion of the project, as the instalment for Mar/April 2011 now documents. The car went on to a new life in the USA, where it was stripped completely, refurbished, repainted, and put back on the track, to a specification similar to that it had when new in the mid-1930s.A SIMPLE blood test could help predict someone's risk of Alzheimer's disease in their forties.Scientists have discovered a warning sign for the devastating condition which appears decades before any memory loss.Lead author Dr Keenan Walker said: 'These results suggest that inflammation in mid-life may be an early contributor to the brain changes that are associated with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.'Because the processes that lead to brain cell loss begin decades before people start showing any symptoms, it is vital that we figure out how these processes that happen in middle age affect people many years later.'Experts suspect inflammation affects the brain because dementia patients who suffer inflammatory episodes from chest or urine infections see their memory loss speed up.But inflammation is the body's normal response to injury or infection, until pushed to the extreme by middle-aged conditions like diabetes.