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Horatio becomes darker and more sinister as the series progresses.

In his early episodes, he saves Stewart Otis, a pedophile who is hanging on top of a building.

Horatio is a person that one could say both many positive and negative descriptions of, making it difficult to "sum up" his personality in a short phrase.

This also results in people he comes into contact with either really liking or really hating him as a person.

However, there have been instances throughout the series when flashes of his apparently rather short and violent temper have come through, such as when he found out about his brother's illegitimate daughter, suggesting that his sterile attitude is the result of a harsh self-control.

This goes along with his overall lack of sense of humor and very disciplined, approach to solving cases.

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He is very concerned about the reputation of his lab and takes great care to keep them clean, perhaps because of his experience with his tarnished younger brother, Ray.These were all arrested or killed by the end of season 10.Caine appears to have a good sense for how to communicate with children and adults alike, who have just experienced traumatic ordeals, obtaining information from them quickly and gently.As a result, he is rarely shown sitting in his office but is out "in the field" most of the time.Horatio is not afraid to bend the rules to get the job done, or to exact revenge.